Friday, March 18, 2011

Training Schedule

We're getting into a nice pattern of working at home, in town, at training group, and after classes. It'll be easier once I have my crates set up in the car better and I can take multiple dogs, but for now we're doing okay rotating dogs.

Thursday night I worked Blaze after class... we're debating on whether or not we're ready to go to an AKC rally trial for his last RN leg.

It's nothing exciting, just some heeling and behaviors. He's cute. And just sort of falls into place with his enthusiasm. It' s a lot different to work him than to work Griffin. Blaze is not as precise, but puts a lot more effort into his behaviors.

When our schedule changes again in another week, I'm hoping we'll be able to stick to our nice working pattern. It's good to be able to get everyone enough training time. The only thing that would be even better now would be if I could get all the dogs into classes. Or any of them!

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