Sunday, March 20, 2011

Looking at a Week of Training: Sunday

Let's see what happens over a week of training. Every week is a bit different, but it's good to check in and see how time is being used and if training sessions are actually productive.

- 1 track in the yard. He did well, I don't know if I'm influencing because I know where it is or if he's actually doing well. I wanted to go to a big park/field to do another big one but we didn't get a chance.
- Fetch in the yard: This is training, he drops one toy and I toss another. Despite being an older dog, it's hard for him, so it's a good thing for him still.
- Stays: in the kitchen while I ate dinner. This kept him off of my plate. Not real good training, more of maintaining behavior and putting trained behaviors to use.

- Recalls in the yard while she was playing with Griffin. I was careful to only call if I thought she would come, so it was more about getting in repetitions than making actual progress in difficulty level.

- Recalls: Same as with Luna!
- Heeling: In the yard for a tug. We were working on increasing duration. I didn't push it past 10 steps.
- Scent: We're teaching him to find a scented tug.... a few reps where he saw it hidden under a blanket and had to pull it out and then a few reps with it under a cone. He was actually smelling for it and the tugging was decent.
- Formal recalls: More of maintaining and testing than training. We did a few reps.

-I do more maintaining and testing than I should.
- I need to be sure we're actually making things harder.
- Megan...where are my training plans?

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Megan said...

RE: maintaining and testing, me too, me too!

Training plans. After I ask Crystal what the heck Ken means by some of these notes, we'll have stellar training plans! And by that I mean I'll actually start using training plans.