Friday, March 11, 2011

4-H Training in 2011

Last week we had our first 2011 practice with our club. We had 6 members attend (out of, I think 8?) and had a fabulous time.

Typically on the first night, with not having worked the dogs in this environment (if at all) since early August, the dogs are a bit wild. But all were great, 2 are only on their second year of 4-H. And the dogs were amazing.

With our beginners last year, we focused on showmanship. They all did an amazing job. This year, we'll continue on that (in the B classes, they'll have to be even more skilled!), as well as continue to prepare them for rally, and hopefully obedience. I'm also hoping more of our kids will participate in the state fair.

We spend our first half hour working on obedience type skills, second half hour on handling (without the dogs for obed, rally, showmanship) and knowledge, and the third half hour on our showmanship and tricks/agility foundations.

Tonight will be our second practice, I'm really looking forward to seeing the kids and dogs again!

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