Monday, January 3, 2011

Scent Article Variations

Griffin seems like he can't find his metal articles. If I hide one in the room, he goes past it a million times and then finds it by luck. If it was a sock, or paper, or my phone, he will ind it much, much faster.

We were given a few suggestions:

- "Hot scent" the article, rub it until it is hot. And then hide it. I am using canning rings. I thought this was a bit extreme and that a bunch of skin cells would get stuck in the ridges. But no change.
- Use a different type of metal. Like soup cans. I didn't have any that were empty. So I used full ones. He readily retrieved them but still has trouble finding them.
- Maybe he doesn't like metal. But he would pick up the metal rings, other metal rings, screws, light metal tools, coins, keys... Not his favorite thing, but he'll offer the behavior.
- Spread the articles out more ...but he's still struggling when it's one hidden in the room!
- Put food in the pile of articles so he goes directly there. He always goes right to the pile.... he just can't find the right one!

I don't get why he's struggling. Most people underestimate dog scenting abilities. Maybe I over estimate his.

I had a recent updated about this puppy, he is now a year old and is doing search and rescue training!

Story time from flyball last night: Griffin was WILD and very growly-tuggy-ferocious! But he was soon very tired. I sent him down the jumps to the tunnel (in place of a box)...and he missed the entry...started whinning while looking for something to do...and then turned and came back. "I can't find it!!"


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Have you tried food on the article? I put a tiny tiny smear of pb or cheese on the right article when my dogs were learning, started with 2 articles pretty close to each other. I usually didn't reapply the food to the article each send, just in between sessions.

Good luck finding a method that works for Griffin!

Kristen said...

I'm wimpy and that'll probably be the VERY VERY last thing I try.

It took me 10 years to start training tracking because I didn't want to be putting the food down... and it's still painful. I wanted to do the HITT method...but... too much work to find paved areas.