Friday, January 14, 2011

Being a Better Dog Trainer: Part II

I always come home from training with more questions than I took. Today we had a private and I stayed to watch puppy class. And afterwards, we talked about all the classes and how we can do an even better job.

But it comes down to a long list of questions.
- How much do we compromise (or not) "Good training practices" for the sake of immediate progress/short term results?
- What skills do pet dogs really need?
- How do we become better at motivating our human students?
- How do we handle students who want behavior change, love their dogs, and NEED change, yet still do not follow very very simple recommendations? How do we improve their motivation to comply?
- Why do some students progress so much more rapidly than others?
- What makes some teams so successful?
- How do we get all teams to see that much success?
- What really IS the best puppy class? The best basic class?

And that's just a partial list. I didn't take notes at the time, but what I've come up with is much longer.

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