Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Being a Better Dog Trainer

For a while now, it keeps coming up... what's the difference between what Kathy Sdao, Ken Ramirez, Morton & Cecilie, (etc..!) are doing...and the rest of us?

How do we become brilliant at training dogs and teaching people?

I have a lot of the same knowledge for the most part... but how do I use it effectively, and learn to be as efficient as possible?

As I tell Megan too often... "I feel so incompetent! I know I'm not. But it seems like it!"


Kristine said...

I feel much the same. Perhaps it takes more experience and confidence? Not sure. But let me know when you discover the secret!

Megan said...

I wish I knew. I really wish I knew. They have a lot of experience, thus respect, thus people listen and learn.

You are soooo not incompetent!!!!

Leah said...


Kristen said...

That is one thing I'm definitely NOT good at!