Thursday, January 27, 2011

Griffin: Off Leash Class 2: Not so good

Tonight he was considerably less agitated/frenzied. He was able to focus and work. No barking. No thoughts of barking.

But he also didn't work so well. We started with some heeling, some crating (which was great until the door was closed and then he would not down), some stands while I push/touch/move and some stays. I pulled out the platforms and we tried to work on that but he wouldn't. And his session with them yesterday was brilliant. I took him outside and came back in but he still wouldn't focus. We did some petting but he was done.

What was different today? One less dog. (2 others). One less instructor. We came in after the other dogs. He had training earlier in the day at the park. But lots of rest time between the two.

So I'm not sure yet what we'll do next week. Maybe alternate crate-training-inside with crating him in the car or in the front room? I will also have my timer... I left it in the car and didn't want to disturb the other dogs (only on their second night of class ever) by going out the front door. That will help me time the crating and for our stays. I should also have a better variety of reinforcers (beef sausage, kibble, and pretzels today...) and precut them. Didn't I say that last week?

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