Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Making Time

We've been on a quest to make more time for training. Or for the most part, I have been. Other than a few other hobbies (swimming...woods walks...eating...), the dogs are always available for training and are happy to do so.

On our goal list for the week we've made a few accomplishments:
1) Contact XX regarding competition obedience lessons: Only one group class is currently run, and on a night I cannot currently attend.
2) Solve our lack-of-group class problem. We might be getting together with a few others for a fake group class where we are all doing our own thing. I hope this works out.
3) Cont. with almost-official training group training (one dog worked at a time, so not a substitute for a group class). We'll be meeting on Friday. I am going with a plan on what to work on and how we'll be doing it.
4) Decrease computer time. I really tried to persuade myself that cutting out the lesson planning time would be best, but finally got myself to just cut out excessive email checking.
5) More short sessions: The dogs have labeled containers for their kibble. We're keeping more accurate numbers on the amount of training this way. Everyone gets their amount, and then some, but this way I can better evaluate ROR for various sessions.
6) Work on competition behaviors: We did broad jump and dumbbells on Monday night. The video makes me quite happy!

Other news for the day... Silly products... I always wanted one of those wobbly target sticks. For whatever reason I though it would solve a lot of problems and be very convenient and very useful and just COOL. I got one with my manners minder last spring and really haven't used it much. We pulled it out tonight...and WOW. Griff would push hard and it would wobble, and by the time he went out again, it would still be wobbling. He was having a hard time actually touching it...and I had to be ready to click when he did but not when he missed it. And then he knocked it over accidentaly and accidently reset it and had way too many reps of backing up to get back to it. Very silly session. Why did I think this prop would help me so much?!

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