Sunday, May 23, 2010

Car Troubles and Cute Dogs

Our 4-H dog camp group did two workshops this weekend.... 6 hours of dog training and activities and handling and excitement. Yesterday was great, we were at PosiDog, so I knew where everything was and we had air conditioning and lots of space. Today we were in a fairgrounds building. It was big and shaded but NOT air conditioned and 80* out. Griff did not appreciate being crated out of the car though he was great with that yesterday.

My back van door has decided to not open. It can be locked and unlocked, but when the latch is pulled, nothing happens. For someone transporting lots of dogs...that back door is REALLY valuable. I'm VERY thankful that I did= not have dogs in there when this happened or I would have had to call AAA and get them to open it ASAP.

Tonight we got news that one of Griffin's siblings finished his UD with LOTS of accomplishments. Just WOW. I am SO proud of the team and in a bit of panic...we're quite far from being there! But I realized I have the same amount of time in the day and just need to work on our skills and get it done.

On Friday training we worked on Go Outs using a target and race to reward. We had MUCH straighter responses than without the RtR, but like before with a GoClickChallenge, our progress with distance was NOT as fast as I had expected and I really don't have a good explanation for that yet.

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