Monday, May 31, 2010

$160 Bee?

Well... Griffin is almost all better...making it highly likely that his 3 legged walking and soreness was due to a bee sting.

In other news, one of our board and train puppies will be going to her new home. Tonight I take her to the person who has arranged for the flight, and then the puppy is literally going all the way across the country to Washington, and her owners will pick her up and drive the several hours back to their home.

I'm definitely going to miss her, it's been so much fun having a huge pack of golden retrievers. But it's going to be very good for her to get all the attention from her new family.

We're off for a last woods walk, a bath, and then the couple hour drive.

Though I suppose first I'll eat more strawberry shortcake....we picked 20lbs yesterday....yum.... the dogs very much enjoyed it too.

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