Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Good and Bad Day

Tonight Griffin was...lacking. One of our training buddies offered to assist, so I quickly instructed him on how to click for our contact criteria ("In the yellow, feet like THIS *I pose*, CLICK. If feet are like this *pose* NO click."). Griffin and I usually do 15-20 dogwalks. We do less than five. He refuses it most times. In a really cute way, he pretends to not see it and follows me. We got 3 clicks out of the 5 we did. And then I give up. He refused jumps and tunnels. He weaved. REALLY well. He weaved six poles, at speed, from various angles, correct every single time. I was really impressed.

And I was also impressed that while he wasn't doing other things, his weave behavior didn't deteriorate.

Of course I have to try and figure out what was going on. Based on what he was doing and not doing and his poor responses last night too, I'm leaning towards some soreness/pain. We did a lot of swimming Sunday night and running over the weekend. Maybe he is sore. But he wasn't as attentive as last week. Due to soreness or general distractability? I'm not sure.

But...despite those circumstances, his weaving behavior held up! Very exciting and interesting.

And in puppy news, 3 weeks later, Rocket is offering LOTS of behaviors. He's offering all the behaviors I've lured/tried to shape before. Spins both ways. Sits. Downs. Right finishes, Left finishes. Crate. Sometimes he tries to offer several at once. It's so nice to finally be able to communicate with him and for him to know how to 'talk' to me.

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