Sunday, December 4, 2011

Heeling is Hard.

His position is typically great and he is very happy about heeling. Things we're working on:

- Being called into the ring. Reinforcing Griffin for staying on the ground when the judge is talking.
- Using different 'judges'.
- Duration. Hahaha.
- Judge calling a pattern. Sometimes following the directions, sometimes not.
- Alternating between releases to a bowl with treats, release to a toy, and a freeze in place, reinforce in place.
- Distractions
- Feet on the floor, especially on the step off (no leaping!).
- Distractions.
- Susan-Garrett-Crate-Games-Structure

And of course, good training and only doing one part at a time. He's adorable and the heeling is continuing to get better. We especially have improvements in new environments.

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