Friday, December 2, 2011

Book 17: Dog Games by Christiane Blenski

I'm really far behind on my notes of dog books for this year!

This book deserves a special mention.  There are a million dog trick and dog game books right now. And the books are all very repetitive. Basic.  Similar.   I found this one at the library, but I'm going to have to get a copy for myself!

Dog Games by Christiane Blenski has some of the usual dog tricks and activities, but also some that I hadn't ever heard of or thought of before!   Much of the content was new as well as things that are realistic and manageable.

My major complaint of tricks books is that the steps outlined aren't as easy as the book makes it seem.  Sure, some dogs might do okay with the lumping and types of prompts...but I don't think most dogs would.  There are a few places in this book with this type of activity, but much of it is things that I can picture my students being able to do after reading the book.

The pictures and formatting are just fabulous. The dogs are happy and engaged and there are pictures of almost everything, not just the easier tricks.   There are a lot of pictures with kids too!

There are chapters on less active games, more active games, outdoor things, activities with kids, and more.  The grouping seemed a little odd at times, but there definitely is a lot of variety, and again, truely unique things.

One of the ones that I really loved was for an adult to hide a few big treats in a room of the house.   Then the lights are turned off (play at night) and send the dog in to find the treats with his nose, and  a kid (or adult!) in to find the treats with a flashlight.   I can picture this as a great activity for dogs and kids who won't have trouble with resource guarding/rushing to grab the treat at the same time.   And if the dog might take the treats too hard....  there could be treats for the dog and some other marker for the kid.  Occupy everyone, good interactions, structured activities.

I've made notes to use some of the activities in class and to play with my dogs.

My only complaints:  Again, lumping on some activities.   And not so great editing.    But the book is worth it! I wish -this- was the trick book available in stores here!

(( The publisher is having a 40% off sale right now, and if Google is truthful, shipping is only about $5! Some of the other books look great too!))

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