Saturday, December 24, 2011

Book 18: Dog University

Dog University by Viviane Theby .  Another really great trick training book!   Amazon has used copies, I picked up mine ($6!) at a HalfPriceBooks in Columbus (they have it at multiple locations... I'm going back to get more copies!).

The author is obviously quite influenced by Bob Bailey and Ken Ramirez.   There are simplified versions of many of the activities that those trainers utilize/talk about.   The book almost makes it sound --too-- easy to teach a dog to copy another dog or be able to perform multiple behaviors with the same prop.

This book isn't going back on my shelf or even to my bedside table where my other "Can't live without" books reside.  It's going right next to the box of training props so we can flip it open and be prompted to work on some of the behaviors/concepts.

Like some of the other trick books, it is probably too simplified at times and the steps might not be small enough for some teams to do well.   At least one of the activities did list the how-to instructions in two different ways, one for more active dogs and one for less active dogs.  

It's definitely a great book for people wanting to do a little more than the usual dog tricks!

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