Monday, December 5, 2011

Details: Getting a Down

The online class we're in is very detail-oriented. I like it, but it's also challenging. I'm having to re-look at what criteria I've set previously and some of if it is just not good enough.

Griffin will down in place without moving his body forward (his shoulders remain in place), but his feet sneak out front. This is good for some situations (probably a moving down, DOR).  But not so great for the signals exercise. As I've noticed, if I'm not careful, it turns into a bit of creeping.

So we're working on learning a Down where the front paws stay in place. It seems easy enough, and would have been if this is what we started with three years ago....  the repair work is slow.   I click at some of the wrong times, and miss other opportunities, but overall, he is giving me more of the behavior.  Another modification is to feed lower, for longer.

But the next sessions, I modified and it's continuing to get better.

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