Sunday, April 10, 2011

Quick Notes from Day Two (Raising the Bar) of the Steve and Jen White Seminar

1) Foundations are important. Don't neglect it.
2) Frontload your effort...put a TON of time planning your training, and then you will have to do less actual training to progress.
3) Use video. And use it well.
4) Clicker training is at a sticking point. We need to progress past that. We're capable of more but not getting it.
5) Mistakes can be great.

And then after we had fun. Some REALLY cool super accomplished dogs did some work.... Griffin did some heeling. I was super nervous and did some not cool parts, but he was good. While working he didn't run off and he was adorable and prancy and fairly precise. He did jump on Steve while going from the crate to the working area. After the last incident like that...maybe I should keep a running list of Important People My Dog Has Jumped on in Embarassing Moments.

So. Tired. So. Sad.

Last day!

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