Thursday, April 28, 2011

A lot of information.

Up until about seven years ago, all my dog stuff (other than my dog, his crate, and his food) fit in this box. My three well-read dog books. His collar and chew toy. And his brushes. His notebook of health papers.

Now I have a lot more dog stuff. Some of it I use often, some of it I haven't touched in years that kong-dispenser. They aren't made anymore! I haven't even -used- mine!

I used to want to take a ton of classes with my dog, and especially positive reinforcement classes.... now I teach at one of those places that used to be too far away to go for classes. And at a super-fancy place. And we've taken lots of classes all over ....but still not enough. I love being in classes! We're limited in what we can do, only due to the fact I'm teaching at the times when most classes are offered.

There was a lot of dog information on the internet. But now there is -so- much more. And Youtube is sure would have made a difference when I was learning how to train my dog using the internet!

For the first few years I had Blaze, this book was the most recommended agility book. I recognized it as outdated as soon as I read the referenced obstacles no longer used. And today, there are so many agility resources I've only read a fraction of them.

Things are so different now and there is SO much more great (and not great!) information available. It's really amazing.


Erin said...

Ha. I know the feeling of having a lot more dog stuff than you used to. It now takes up two shelves of the hall closet as well as several leash/puppy vest hooks around the house. We need a tack room.

Raegan said...

Most of my bookshelf is dog stuff. In fact, this summer my dog books might be getting their very own book case! I have all kinds of things, from books with every page dog eared (harhar!) to books I keep around for historical content with no intention of following any of the advice in them.

So I have to wonder, what were the three books in the cooler?

Kristen said...

In the box: Something like a mini version of this: (lotsa white and lotsa pictures).

This book from my grandma:

And the newer version that I got soon after Blaze came home: