Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adding Cues: Two examples

We typically add our cues after the behavior is established.

I've come across a few very 'elegant' examples of cueing that I emailed to Megan this morning.... but the world would probably enjoy them too.

Steve White only adds in the tracking harness after the tracking behavior is fairly well established. Lining the harness cue to the behavior of tracking.

I was reading a book that talked about how a group of math teachers only add in the terminology cues/names AFTER the students have been practicing the skill and have an understanding of it. They don't need the name to be able to do the skill... but the cue/name is put to it after they 'get it'.

The simplicity and brilliance with both of these makes me so very, very happy. Why didn't I think of these?!

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Robin Sallie said...

I like the idea of not adding the tracking harness to the picture until the dog is seriously tracking. Via does a lot of watching the birds and contemplating her navel.