Monday, October 25, 2010

Trying to resume training

We're at a temporary halt.

All four of our training groups have (temporarily?) stopped.

I can't find any seminar this year to go to with a dog (...four next year are marked down!).

I can't find an appropriate or half appropriate class that I can get to on my night off. I've checked at least 10 places!

Motivation to train at home is somewhat at an all time low.

Luna was on the long line today and really didn't need it. She only left my side when she got caught on plants. I was tempted to take her off...but knew better than to do that.

Griffin was fascinated by the scent on the under side of these vines. I took a look and saw that they were chewed underneath, I would guess deer. Later we went back to playing tug with the "devil's snare."

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