Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Found Things and a Flyball Box Turn

Yesterday afternoon we went on a walk and Blaze found a thing he carried home. Later we found out it was part of a tire. The dogs really like it. Unfortunately it had a really strong plasticy-rubber smell and was very soon confiscated.

Griffin and I worked on his flyball turn last night. He's not always putting both front feet on and sometimes trying to launch with just one back foot. But overall the % of correct responses is improving.

This is an extension of the 2o2o contact behavior. Several years ago, Deb Nelson told me that they typically taught the flyball turns very easily if the dogs had a solid 2o2o behavior. The dog would go to the box, offer the position and then be cued away and soon it became a very nice turn. I didn't think it would work, but it's gone better than I expected. Griffin offered a 2o2o (as well as a lot of other stuff...leg lfts, both feet on the same side, climbing up, jumping over!) and soon figured out how to get his clicks and treats. I wish I had the early sessions on video!

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