Thursday, October 21, 2010

Griffin is Cute

Ridiculously exceptionally cute.

This morning we did tracking and he was very cute. I put on his harness and he put his nose to the ground, closed his mouth and was searching very hard. He knows what he is doing! And he searched and searched and made great choices and found all the pieces of stale peanut butter sandwich that I had dropped. It was adorable.

Blaze however, did not want to let go of the toys (he had two) he found on the yard. I'll let him do a lot of silly things. But I won't let him track with toys.

The last medication we tried with Blaze did not go as well as hoped. And the worst part is that his reaction (increased activity!) don't make sense when we consider his reactions (or not) to other medications. I was impressed that I understood everything in an email I was sent, it was technical and not written for me.

A newfound picture of 7mo Griff offering heeling to my dad....he said "WHAT is he DOING!" Apparently dogs are not supposed to whip in next to your leg if you have food.

Last night Griffin was learning to stand between my legs and put his feet on my feet. I know 100% that I have never taught him this. And within a minute he was doing it. He should not have learned it that fast. And he would put his foot on my foot even if my foot had been moved. And he wasn't looking. How did he know it was there?! He was staring up at my face! But time after time he would get his foot on mine. I suppose he could tell when I would shift weight and move. I tried to fool him!

Tomorrow Blaze gets to go be a demo dog again. And then I might be at a meeting about Therapy dog programming.

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