Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Adventures

My busy days have been a good prompt to get us into daily walking. We have early morning and super late night walks. Sometimes the sun is still out and we can see where we're going. Otherwise I just hope we don't run into loose cows (or bulls!) and if the dogs get very interested in something ahead, I just turn around.

At work we're planning for some great seminars next year, very exciting stuff that will hopefully be available soon. Luna's been on a new medication/supplement product for about a month. We tried it on Blaze and it seemed to make him more agitated. But Luna is doing well and definitely is MUCH more social with me. She's seeking out attention and sticking closer to me, quite a change! I really need to find a way to get her in class... but I'm nervous to jump into a higher level agility class because she's been away from it for so long and was getting a bit growly to dogs during greetings (....hers not mine!).

There's an APDT at the end of the month that I want to go to. I need to decide who to take and how many runs to do. I hate throwing away money for dogs that aren't ready, but it's -close-, and it would be nice to do as many runs as we can while I'm there.

We haven't been able to get another agility lesson in for Griffin...but maybe in a few weeks my schedule will allow it.

Now back to work.....

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