Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Current Favorite Food Reinforcers

1) Fish Treats.  Easy, fast, cheap.

2) French Toast.   Mix egg/s with a small amount of milk (a Tbs or two for each egg? Maybe?).  Dip a piece of bread in that goo... then cook on a griddle until golden brown (flip it over!).  My dogs are --crazy-- about bread.  Bread leaves crumbs...and it's always embarassing to leave a huge mess at training class.  This gets rid of the crumbs, makes it even more appealing and the bread doesn't turn to 100% crumbs in your pouch/pocket.

3) Mozzarella Cheese:  String cheese is's way  more expensive than "regular" cheese.  There are variations in Mozzerella cheeses... my favorite brand currently is Kroger...  it's soft to cut or break, it holds it's shape. No crumbs.  We found a different brand last week that is not breakable but if cut into little pieces, it lasts forever without going bad and it has a very high melting point, making that brand great for hot days.  Unfortunately the packages don't typically mention the melting point...

Fish Treats!
4) Cream Cheese:  I personally dislike peanut butter....  yet recognize the benefits of licky treats.  Peanut butter also makes dogs very thirsty and the oils can ruin clothes/floors.  Cream cheese gets rid of many of these problems!

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