Friday, November 4, 2011

(Not) Solving Big Non-Training-Specific Problems

These have been some of the 'big picture' problems for the last few weeks. 

General Public Perception of Animal Needs/Welfare and Reality:  I do know these are often different and it's creating problems for the animals in the family and for the animals in the community.  

Professional Standards for Trainers: Both in regards to teaching and training....and general business practices too.  Many people do a great job.....   but as the 4-H motto says...we need to "make the best better"

Efficiency in Training and Teaching:  How can we use our class times best?  How do we help people get the progress they want and need.  

Trainer Programs:  Some are great. Some aren't as good for...some purposes.  How do we help people find appropriate programs for their goals? What kinds of things result in someone "understanding" training and why some take longer?   I know some people who take years and years and work so hard...and others who just get it in a matter of weeks or months.  What's different?  

Luring and Shaping: When is it better to use one or the other? What are the differences in behavior aquisition, reliability, and shape of the behaviors?  

Exploring Good Training:  Why are clickerly dogs doing well in some areas of competition more than others?  What's missing or different or...needs to change? How can we get more interest, more participation, more successes?

Almost Perfect Websites:  Some of my favorite informational websites...are no longer favorites. I re-read the sites and found some serious  and surprising advice/information/contributions that I just don't want clients to read and I can't believe it was added to the site! Why!

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