Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another Public Event : Pet Care Day

We went to do demos and talk with people at a "Pet Care Day" event.  It was held at a fitness center, and much to our surprise, we were inside rather than outdoors!

Griffin, as always, was great.  We didn't have a lot of space and we did have a lot of people passing by very close.  He worked for three hours, showing off his heeling, stays, and tricks. Towards the end, he was definitely tired and much more happy about the stays.

We talked to many people about agility, training dogs before a new baby is in the home, and dogs who bark on leash.  There were also a lot of golden retriever related questions. Everyone thought Griffin was a puppy!

I've been thinking he looks much more mature and like an adult....but maybe I've just imagined it.  It was interesting that so many people thought he was wild and "hyper." I thought he was being a fairly normal dog, wiggly and soliciting attention. If they saw him running in the fields.....I have no idea what they would say!

It wasn't as fun as the kids camps...but we definitely had a great time. I only wish I could provide him with these types of experiences every day.

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