Monday, August 8, 2011

Stay Training: Exercise Set 2*

This set is more for instructor use.... not enough details for someone who is not familiar with the exercise. 

  1. "Fresh" resets:  Pick an easy type of stay (short duration, short handler distance, minimal distraction).  After each repetition, release and then move to a new location for the next repetition.  Handler should reward the dog either in position or after the release.
  2. Stay for Toy Tosses:  For dogs who have some leave it training.... (though cue is not needed in this step)....   work up to dropping the toy.   Work up to tossing a toy away from the dog.  Work up to tossing the toy behind the dog (but away!).  And then tossing over the dog.  The dog can be released to the toy on 1/10 responses.
  3. Stay for Petting:  Handler works up to petting, poking, enthusiastically petting, the dog. Start with very small pats and working up to enthusiasm.
  4. Proofing of the Stay Concept:  Each repetition, leave the dog on a different surface.  After a few reps, ask for a stay in a "not level" position.  Dog partially on the stairs... or back feet on a low dog bed..... front feet up on a surface.  When you're ready for a greater challenge, only one paw on a surface.
  5. Handler Out of Sight:  Dog is set near a doorway or corner. Handler works up to standing at the doorway.  Then shoulders behind. Return. Reinforce.  Halfway out of sight, return, reinforce. Almost out of sight, return, reinforce. Out of sight and immediately return. reinforce.  Increase the duration of "out of sightness".   An assistant is needed, or the dog should be wearing bells...or on a surface where nails may click slightly so that the owner can return and reset (and do a much easier repetition) if the dog gets up.

*I don't actually know if this is Set 2. If you can't find a set 1.... don't be surprised!

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