Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CleanRun Article: On Leash Agility Class

In this month's CleanRun magazine is an article that we wrote about the "On Leash Agility" class that we've been teaching on and off for about a year.  


The class is really great, focusing on good training, good agility foundations, and providing an agility opportunity for dogs that would otherwise be unable to do agility (not appropriate to be off leash or would not do well if an off leash dog would come up to him/her).  

We don't shortcut or skip training steps....though we do only do activities that are safe to do on leash (no tires/tunnels).  The humans learn appropriate handling, with only slight modifications for the leash in hand.

The only down side of this class?  It always falls at a time slot when Griffin should be at agility or obedience class (As it just did, yet again!).

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