Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Pizza Test

My brothers, Griffin, and I went to get a pizza tonight.  We sat at a nearby park and ate the pizza.

Griffin only ate the crumbs we gave him. Somehow, all his training has paid off. He would stay next to the open box. The box was open and setting on the ground just in front of him.   

I couldn't believe it, but on the other hand, he doesn't take food. He hasn't learned that is an option. He has a good automatic leave it. He's been reinforced for making good choices around food. He knows food will be delivered and that he doesn't need to snatch it.  Griffin also knows that if he will lie on the ground and stare at people, they are likely to share.  Bouncing or trying to steal will get nowhere.

He didn't even -look- at it though! He did wag his tail more when he thought sharing would happen.

We should do more pizza tests.  

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