Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gardens, Treibball, and more

Yesterday our 4-H group went to  Schnormeier Gardens in Gambier, Ohio.  We try to do various field trips every year and some of my best memories as a 4-H'er are from great trips we took.

These gardens are very interesting as it's a private residence that opens up once a year for the public to come in.  In the past, they've only been open for two days, but this year extended it to five days with around a thousand people coming in each day.

Lots of art, bridges, water, and interesting plants.   And really impressive given that they've only been working at it for twenty some years.    I wish I could accomplish that much in such a short period of time!

Part way through the day, someone behind us on a trail recognized me from work...and started to tell me about how much she wanted to do Treibball.    We talked about how much they had done, the online resources available and the class options.

I gave her my usual response... get a few people together and we can do a class or a few weekend workshops.

Treibball is a funny thing....   About 18-24 months ago, someone showed me a video clip from 2008. I didn't know where I had been...I had never heard of it or heard a mention.  And about 4-5 months later, I started hearing about it online...and all over the place.

At Griffin's first year at camp, 2009, some of the kids taught him to do parts of it, pushing a ball into a goal, as part of a training challenge.  And I know I did some early work on that when Blaze was young.  Just as silly training challenges.    It's always interesting to see where things go.  I don't know if the interest will decline or if it will end up as a big and exciting event.   We'll see.

We returned home in the early afternoon and after a few hours of misc. work, I went off to the shelter.  Nothing new and exciting there (which is often a good thing).  It was too hot for much training.    I've been trying to pull together various video clips on how to do some of the basic behaviors we use in classes....  I got a few more parts for that and hopefully I have enough or almost enough to finish a few of these projects. It's amazing how long some of these things have been on my to-do list.  

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