Monday, June 27, 2011 camp

Wednesday to Saturday we were at our yearly big youth-dog camp.   Fourteen kids this year... Our cabin had 10 humans and 11 dogs.   We managed, but it was a tight fit. I had to sleep in the "Splash Zone"  by the kitchen sink.

Griffin helped with a few shaping and obedience demos as well as pulling me up the steep hill multiple times. Our kids learned about agility, tracking, obedience, scentwork and many other dog activities.   It was adorable to watch the kids and dogs work.  

We hurried home Saturday night to go to the shelter and let dogs out.... Megan took some great photos that we can hopefully use to update petfinder pages.

This week is a middle school daycamp.  After dropping off Megan at the airport....we hurried over.   Griffin and I are sitting in the 4H center building at the university.  This morning we talked about safety around dogs and then Griffin had 28 kids trying to get him to do agility and tricks all at once.  He was adorable.

Here is Griffin on his last day of camp last year. He was so tired that we could not get him to move so that we could put away the air mattresses.

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