Friday, April 9, 2010

Vet Trip

For the first time ever, I scheduled all the dogs for a vet visit on the same day. In the past, something or another came up and they all had staggered appointment times due to a bump being looked at or a blood test run.

But, everyone has been healthy so we took a group trip. That being said, I only took one dog in at a time. This allowed me to focus on the dog, reinforce appropriate responses and have clear directions on what should be done. My dogs are not trained enough I could get them to each stay on their mats in the vets office while the other is being worked on, and I don't want one standing around without specific direction.

We used lots of slimy cheese and egg pieces. Griffin's restraint practice paid off and there were several moments where he was "offering" to be restrained. Luna did better up on the table than on the floor, scary people don't lean over the top of you if you're already up high. I was allowed to restrain her for blood draws and her rabies vaccination, which was probably much better for her than having a stranger restrain her. Blaze was Blaze. He's great, we muzzle him, and he only scared the vet when he was tossed treats...despite being 3' apart, the vet sure moved his hand back quickly when Blaze jumped up to catch the treat!

Horray for the event being over. Gryff will need to go back in July for his OFA xrays, and hopefully we'll avoid all other trips until next spring.

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