Friday, April 30, 2010

The Biggest Dog Training Class Mistake

Plan: Go to the bank. Go to the school. Work my dogs for 20 minutes. Teach 4-H for an hour and a half. Work my dog during that time if we had less than 3 kids (...and our second instructor). Run to the store to make some purchases for 4-H camp.

What happened: No parking at the bank. Went to the school. Had 30 minutes until practice. Realized I brought 0 treats. Read a book (old Breland and Breland book on animal behavior). Only a few kids show up. I get to work my dog.

I dug through my car....and found enough treats for the 90 minutes. And for a clicker trainer, that's a lot of treats. I found a bag of what was granola bar and was now crumbs. I found the very last crumbs of flavored pita chips. I found a half bag of plain pita chips. I was sure I did throw those away in a fit of cleaning...but thankfully they were still in my glove box!

I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing I had that many 'treats' in my car.

Griffin did well. We got to do long stays 3' from another dog. He had 0 interest in her, only "broke" twice, both times towards me. And it's "Broke" as we're still doing offered stays. He did some great fronts with the dumbbells, holding it completely still. And lots of focus while I went around and helped the two kids I was working with. He's so focused! And cute!

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