Friday, April 23, 2010

After the lesson

4 months is way too long to go between formal lessons!

None of the activities were new to us, most of it is stuff we've practiced at home or that I've done 5,000 with Luna.

Griffin was...interesting. He was either very focused or very not. There was less "not focused" than last time. But no real pattern to it.

When he was working well, it was fun though he wasn't as fast as he was at home. Maybe a hike the morning before a lesson isn't a good idea for him.

He's not committing as early as he does at home or PosiDog, but we were also working in much tighter sequences than we normally do.

We'll be adding the set of exercises we did today into our home training and hopefully when we go back (2 weeks? Maybe?!) we'll be able to do better on those and add more to his repertoire.

I really need to get on his contact training and weave training. We attempted six poles and he went wide to skip #2. We did go back to 2 and then 4 poles, other than two early errors and one later, he had very good responses and was offering weaving. It was especially interesting as I really don't think we've done any since August.

Releases from stays could also be well as my ability to get to front cross positions in time.

Karin has me learning to run and we'll see what changes that makes.

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