Friday, September 25, 2009

Use of Cues

I'm not always a good trainer...I have a few cues that mean multiple behaviors. One of these is "Up". Having a word for four feet up and for front feet up would be the smart thing to do.

This has gotten me into a little trouble.

Situation A: Luna was at agility class a year ago and smelled something drifting over the 4' wall separating the ring from the rest of the barn. I was nice, and told her she could put her feet UP to smell better. She jumped over the wall.

Situation B: Griffin has been learning to put his front feet up on items. Unlike Blaze and Luna who will put their front feet up on vertical objects, Griffin attempts to put all four feet on a vertical surface. And then gives an expression of "THAT didn't work very well!"This has happened with both a tree and my car.

I'm not sure who is less for not creating a second cue for feet only, or Griffin for attempting four-feet-on-a-vertical-surface.

More on camping, agility, and fun new things soon.

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