Saturday, September 26, 2009


Sled dog events are not really something that happen in Ohio. Most of the state lacks the required snow for any length of time. And it's difficult for one to have access to miles of trails for the regular exercise and training required.

But I'll admit I'm intrigued by it. I've resisted buying a scooter for years. Luna and I have biked on and off for the last year. I've resisted buying a fancy bike. I almost bought a sled off of craigslist. I've seriously considered trying to build one or buy one new.

There's a dryland (biking, scooters, running, wheeled rigs!) event up in Cleveland in November...unfortunately I'm taking two days off of my Sat. am classes the month before. (Westie walk presentation and TAG teach seminar) and would feel really bad asking for a third off. Plus... we do not bike fast enough and I've not been good about running as much as we should. year when Griffin is old enough to do more... we may attempt the two dog class.

Biking is one of the few things Luna seems to really enjoy. She also likes to pull kid sleds. Griffin has been taught to pull on his harness as a separate skill from 'pulling an actual bike'. It's a bit safer to teach "pull with consistant pressure...and in a straight line" with me standing behind him rather than on the bike.

Until then, I'll go back to reading my most recent purchases of mushing books....

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