Sunday, January 25, 2009

As You Can See...

I did something that worked.... but it's embarrassing that I've been working on this since early December!

What have I been doing? Here's just a start to the many current projects...

Camp: The Ohio 4-H Teen Dog Experience is in the planning stages for the 2009 year. We're getting our registration and instructor information together.

Conference: This has also led to the opportunity for us to speak at the Ohio 4-H Teen Conference in February. Karin and I (and Abigail?) will be doing two sessions, one on good teaching and one on good training. There will be handouts on the OTDE page closer to/after the conference.

Puppy: Griffin is so much fun! He's about six months old in this picture, taken early January. Current training has been to teach a contact ("stopping on the plank obstacles") behavior, increasing the time on stays, and to discriminate Left/Right Finish ("Return to Heel) cues.

Reading: The Columbus Library System has recently got quite a few great dog training resources that I had not read yet. I'm thrilled they are now so accessible for the public and immediately sent them a thank you note!

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