Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Training in the Heat

My usual response is to just not train.   Not training will not solve the problems. It will not create the behaviors you want.  

Some realistic responses:
- Find air conditioning. If you are so lucky as to have air condioning in your house...lots of tricks and pieces of behaviors require very little space. Go to a pet store and do training there....or maybe a very large vet clinic.  Sign up for a training class. I had some drop-ins this week due to the heat...people wanting tired dogs and NOT wanting to risk heat related health problems.
-  Train very early or very late.  Tonight it was still 90* at 10PM. Evening isn't as much of an option. But I have been getting up very early to work my dogs.
- Very short sessions. 2 minutes or less. A small number of repetitions.

And... a compromise of most lazy yet really great use of time... work on training plans.  The more time you spend planning, the more efficient you can be during work sessions.  It's a great all around option!

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