Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sample Training Notes // Griffin Training Group Notes

Here's an example of the training notes that I made from our training session today.  We had five people, training four dogs...for all sorts of things. We took turns, with some talking and picking through behaviors in between training periods.  Some of this was a bit interrupted by the air conditioner being repaired (....last night I was working Griffin after classes....the air conditioner started to sound like it was exploding! I ran out front to call for help while Griffin ran TO the thing!) and then the power went out for a while.

I'll have these notes in our training file.  It's mostly to record what we did, what parts went well and the areas that need work. All the needs-work things go onto a separate list that tends to grow more than shrink. Every time I take one thing off the list...three more are added.  But eventually the list will get smaller!

Session 1: Directed Jumping:   I would send him from halfway to his Sit platform and then direct him to one of the jumps. He always went to the right one. But he did not always commit to actually jumping. I was not happy. His going to the Sit platform then started to deteriorate after I removed a hairball.  Adding to my to-do list: Repair his sit platform. Proof the sitting with stuff going on, things on the floor.  Work on commitment to the jumps.

Session 2: Sit Platform: Repairing this go out piece. I varied our starting location, gradually moving further back.  I  misjudged on two repetitions. More and more proofing needed.  Lots of tossing his toy to him or to me or far away as the reinforcer.

Session 3: Heeling in a group :  Around 3 people. Somewhat doing figure 8's somewhat as a proofing exercise. I only saw 3 moments where he went away. Otherwise it was AMAZING. SO consistent, so perfect, so lovely. He was not bumping me, not forging, head up and working so well.  He DID run off after toy was tossed and once after I fed him, he ran off.   But not while working.

Session 4: Directed Retrieve. This morning I was SO happy about this exercise and the progress we made.  Today we were working on retrieving from spot 1 and 2 and the discrimination. He was 100% correct.  That part was brilliant. Our areas to work on:  Wide turns. If I click as he commits to the right one, we get a tight turn as he hurries back. Otherwise he does a wider loop than I would like. We'll have to fix that.  His turn and sit at the beginning of the exercise did not always happen... I wasn't looking back and once he apparently had NOT sat... from my perspective, I thought he was!   Our helper called out which spot to send him to....and he ran to jump in her lap the first time. It wasn't horrible and we met our criteria of going to the right one.... just a bit frustrating that other gaping holes appeared.

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