Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Griffin's New Friend

We've trained around this young dog a few times previously. The German Shepherd Dog is only a little over a year old and very adorable.

The goal is for them to exist together off leash without getting wild. During the walk we rotated which dog was on a long line and which dog was off the line. By the end of the walk, we had them both off leash and appropriate minor interactions. They would smell the same spots or run together without playing (while the puppy went to his ball or on the way back with it).


Griffin was very glad to run but it will be several days until we can go again...with a layer of ice outside now, it's too slippery for everyone and too sharp for dog feet.

And this...is just a hilarious capture of a dog in motion.


Megan said...

Awww, it looks like they had so much fun! I'm glad Griffin has friends too!

Kristine said...

Very adorable! I am so glad Griffin was able to get out there with another dog in such a polite way! He looks like he enjoyed himself immensely.

Robin Sallie said...

Which harness do you have for Mr. Giffin's long line? Via tends to get her back feet tied in hers.

Kristen said...

AlpineOutfitters.net the "urban trail harness". I love it. It's one of my best dog purchases of all time!