Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting Lost Dogs Back Home

After I posted yesterday, I was about to sit down and start getting through a huge pile of work. I looked out the window and saw a huge golden and black short haired dog.

I ran outside and called them away from the road, they hesitated, but came and ignored the kibble I'd tossed on the floor. I leashed one and held a collar on the other and took them to a chain link kennel behind the house.

We found no tags. The golden was very much a puppy, probably around a year old and the mix is definitely an adult.

Within an hour, we had gone to the vet to check for microchips, called four other vet clinics, called rescues/the county shelter, and posted to a few lost pet websites.

By the evening we had made signs, gone door to door and posted to craigslist.

Unfortunately no one seems to be looking for them yet.... The puppy is GIANT and HAIRY and COVERED in burrs. And did I say he was huge?

Hes really playful but seems like an outdoor dog in smell, hair, and the way he acts around things. I want to let him play with my dogs but as he's still intact and we don't have health info.... no play time.

I'm out to go check with some more people and to put up some more signs. Any other ideas?

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