Saturday, March 6, 2010

What?! Dealing with Biting

I hear a lot of weird stuff.

Today I was talking to someone who works with young kids. Biting kids came up, and were supposedly the worst to deal with. Not because of the pain, but because "you have to shove your hand in to teach them a lesson."

I was horrified. I have heard this before...but for puppies. How can anyone be thinking this is appropriate for kids! Of course I had to call Megan (...who is never wrong...har) and verify if this was a regular practice. She answer was very comforting... keep your hand in so you don't tear your skin (just like with dogs!).

So of course the person and I talked about threshold. And apparently that's not a term typically used with small children!

At camp, we definitely don't use positive punishment with our campers. We have a sufficient number of adults for the group and set up an environment for success.

So, unsurprisingly, there's just as much strange advice with kids as with dogs. I did get to do quite a bit of puppy cuddling at the shelter and that made me a bit happier. Beagle puppies are very, very cute. But not as cute as goldens!

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