Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Missing ClickerExpo...

I've been home for three days and I'm so sad.

The sessions are great, but the dinners and hallway talks and cornering (or being cornered) the faculty was just as fabulous.

A couple weeks ago after a class we had a talk about Griffin's lack of retrieve. He has been taught to hold the bumper still to get a c/t. But that wasn't transfering well to the dumbbell or other items. S. played with him for a bit, and got some possibly better responses.

Today! It went great! About 25/30 correct responses. He was offering the hold. I could click him for it. I could Out him for it and then click the Out. I could wave food around. I could touch it. I could putmy hand under it.

And so what's the point? Keep data. Go slowly. If something is not working, review to be sure you are proficient. If you're doing well, change what you're doing.

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