Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow and Training

Friday we had a great work day with our Ohio 4-H Teen Dog Experience crew. 3/4 of our staff met up for hours of work on the 2010 OTDE activities and to also train our dogs.

We spent the early afternoon at PosiDog training our dogs. I took everyone, but mostly worked Griffin. Mostly we did foundation work for obedience and agility (going around objects on cue, heeling with duration, stays with duration, staying on a mat) but we did get to some sequencing. For as little sequencing as we do, I'm always surprised at how well Griffin does!

Things that went well: Sequences! Attention! Wraps to the right.
Things to improve: Start line position, turns to the left, my speed, going ahead of me at speed.

The rest of the day we worked on "camp stuff", preping for the teen conference in February, working on workshops for the spring, and trying to figure out how to handle summer campS...with the possible grants available.

The rest of the weekend has been the regular commitments and enjoying the snow with the dogs.

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