Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Obedience Work

We've been alternating between patching up our agility training after a fabulous Silvia Trkman seminar and the super precise focus with our obedience. Though, as she would say, it should all be the same thing, running and fun and play.

Lots of heeling. Lots of running. Lots of tricks and turning. And the occasional stand for exam work in which he's improving with training (imagine that).

Classes at the farm are on hold for the winter, though I'm still doing privates in Licking County. We're teaching at PosiDog and Dogtalk, and soon will be doing some 4-H lessons a bit further away at the special request of a club I've gotten to know over the last six months.

At the moment I'm catching up on some reading (which somehow makes my reading list longer...I don't know how that works!) and I'm working on my plans for 2010. It will be busy with increased numbers of classes, Griffin starting to trial, lots of seminars and events to go to (horray for clickerexpo!) and of course our fabulous Ohio 4-H Teen Dog Experience activities. We applied for a few grants that might allow us to greatly expand the number of 4-H members impacted, and I hope that goes well.

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