Friday, June 12, 2009

Over, not Under!

When Griffin was a puppy we played lots of "go under the chair" and "go under the table" games. Now, Griffin likes to go under.

This week I decided it was time to learn that jumps are for going over. He has been taught that it's good to "Go between the jump standards" but we hadn't yet added the height aspect. Every few repetitions, I would raise the jump bar. He learned it was good to go over the bar.

I added handler motion, and as I should have predicted, his performance deteriorated to going under the bars. We lowered the bars and gradually raised him.

After a couple sessions he is now happy and reliable with going over the bars. We probably won't do much more jumping for a few months to give him some more time to physically grow up.

Now, back to contacts and obedience.

This is a picture from our camping trip...right before Griffin started rolling around like a silly dog.

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