Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Drop on Recall

This has been a common theme at camp and at many recent lessons.

Consider the many parts of the DOR exercise (In lessons and especially at camp, I have everyone list off as many as they can think of):

1) Getting into Heel Position x2
2) Remaining in Position
3) Release from Sit
4) Coming to Handler x2
5) Dropping (in motion, and at a distance)
6) Release from a Down
7) Sit at Front
8) Release

Most difficulties arise at number five. Rarely is it a "It's hard to Drop while moving" and rarely is a "It's hard to Drop away from you." Usually it's a "Down is not on cue" issue.

Repairing the situation:
1) Get Down on verbal cue only.
2) Get Down on visual cue only.

And from there our repairs will vary depending on the dog.

Interestingly, it's [supposedly] traditional to not start the DOR until after Novice is completed... otherwise dogs may start to drop on the Novice recall.

What do I say to that? Stimulus control! Your dog should only be dropping when you ask him to by that point in time!

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