Sunday, May 17, 2009

Water and Responsible Pet Ownership

We hear a lot about responsible pet ownership and welfare for our cats, dogs, and horses. We hear about welfare concerns for exotics and livestock. But other animals matter too.

Griffin and I were teaching a Rally class at the groom shop tonight and were interupted by someone coming in to ask about fish care. His place of work had betta fish needing homes. He had two out in his car and he needed help in knowing how to care for them. (And I have to wonder... he stopped at a grooming shop?)

We very quickly talked about care and where to get more information. The story came out, the fish were the leftover from a big event held yesterday. If homes weren't found, they would be "disposed of." The fish were from wedding centerpieces.

I'm sure the fish looked wonderful, and they could be an appropriate decoration. But to then leave them for the hotel to deal with ("dispose of" or go to homes that didn't really want them)? That's a bit scary.

Griffin enjoys being under water too. Here's a repeat of what he's done in the creek. Too silly!

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