Sunday, April 5, 2009

Time to Play

What's been going on:
Agility class: I've done well with the points I had made... for the most part.
Biking: We've cut back for a while due to my schedule. My bike is still in the car.... just in case we get some extra time on the way from one place to another.

Play is important! Dogs allow us a great opportunity to play.

Here is an interesting video clip on the importance to play and why you shouldn't stop playing!

Last week we met with a friend and her dog to do some basic field training. Griff thought this was brilliant and after we worked the dogs in the on-and-off rain... there was time for play. The other dog wasn't very interested in silly Griffin but he had a great time trying to play with her. By the time we left, mud was dripping off of him. He had stuck his entire muzzle into a big mud puddle. We had an hour to drive into Columbus before rally training group... and luckily we teach in a groom shop so we would be able to do a much-needed bath.

How do our approaches and attitudes change when we approach training as play?

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