Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Griffin Swims!

Griffin was swimming a little last fall, but it always was a sort of 'accidental while trying it to get to me' thing. Now he swims, retrieves, and loves it!

Swimming is great exercise and a very good activity for hot days.

Next week Griffin will be helping me with a Tuesday 'Rally/Comp. Obed.' class and I'm sure he's going to be thrilled for more class time. This will be a fun class with an experienced student/classmate. We will be working a lot on improving the precision and fluency of various behaviors. And with these fluent behaviors we'll be able to shift very easily to working on rally courses and the obedience sequences. As always, good training and good handling will be a focus.

Today we'll be playing with a new training tool. I've resisted the purchase for years, thinking "I really don't need it." More to come on that later.

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