Sunday, March 15, 2009

Luna's Bike Adventures

Our bike rides are getting longer and more exciting. Today we passed two groups of bikers, two people walking dogs, charging barking dogs behind an invisible fence, a cat, a goat, and a peacock. The peacock was the most exciting to her, but like with the other distractions I would get off the bike and walk until we were safely passed. I think she would have kept going past these distractions but I'm not about to find out yet.

The rest of our training? Not quite as great as the exercise.

I was debating entering Blaze in AKC Rally next month but a shelter training seminar has come up that weekend so it's time to debate about where to be and what to do. At the end of May is a local APDT trial and hopefully I'll be able to take everybody.

With group classes I haven't been doing an orientation, but soon I'll be offering one and go from there.

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